Rubber manufacturing and retail

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Gumi Hungária Ltd. Rubber manufacturing, rubber productsAbout usWe started the business in 1989 as a private enterprise, and then in 2011 the Gumi Hungária Ltd. was founded. Applied technologiesTechnologiesWe daily apply technologies like pressing, extruding, punching, flask blowing and sponge splitting. Silicone rubber productsProductsSilicone components extruded plastic products and other rubber components belong to our portfolio. GalleryImagesTake a look in our gallery where you can see our factory, machines, products or even our environment. How to reach usContactsTake the old Road Nr 2 or the newer 2/A clearway to get to our factory in the western part of Felsőgöd.

Rubber component manufacturing and retail

I started the business in 1989 as a private enterprise, then in 2011 the Gumi Hungária Ltd. was founded. Our major activities include manufacturing and retailing hot vulcanised products made of natural silicone rubber. Our rubber products are made of natural rubber by a unique technology. Silicone rubber components are created by compressing our own mixture of raw materials, in accordance with the expectations of the customer. Our service has been enlarged, and we have included a large number of plastic (Bakelite) components in our portfolio, e.g. temperature and oil resistant silicone rubbers, vulcanisation on metal, viton rubber components, microcellular sponge, etc.

Taking EU principles into account, we introduced the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system.

Broadening the range of products required a transformation in the company structure. The factory and the machine park were developed. This significant transition made it possible to manufacture semi-finished shoe parts, EVA plates, micro and hard shoe soles.

At our place you do not only meet general rubber industry categories but we produce bespoke components for orders. Our technical backgrounds allow us to fulfil any special demand.

Vulcanised rubber components
Vulcanised rubber components